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Putting the Quan back into Taiji

charge back to reclaim victory

Charge back to reclaim victory

lazy tiger

Lazy tiger

cai bridging technique

Cai bridging technique

commencing vs rear bear hug

Commencing vs rear bear hug

single whip

Single whip

taiji boxing clip

Taiji boxing clip

Taiji Concepts

crowd your opponent

Crowd your opponent all the more

hold ball variation

Hold ball variation

lie (split)

Lie (split)


bagua foundations

Bagua foundations

double palm

Double palm

monkey technique

Monkey technique - sun style foundations

slo mo take down

Slo mo take down

sparrowhawk form

Sparrowhawk form

bagua out-take

Bagua out-take


piquan form

Piquan form

piquan vs kicks

Piquan vs kicks

zuan on pad

Zuan on pad

zuanquan turnaround application

Zuanquan turnaround application

xingyi out-takes

Xingyi out-takes


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