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Joanna's own website. Here you can find out more about her background and her approach to teaching.

Martial Training Association
"Extolling the MARTIAL benefits of martial training." A fully independent regulatory body for no-nonsense martial artists.

Rolling Thunder Boxers™ / No Chance Games™
Joanna's Kung Fu / strategy board-game websites. Sophisticated, fun and exciting. Good old-fashioned board games with playing pieces and everything! Pure strategy games - no chance involved... give your brain a work-out...

Quantum Chi™
"For All Your New Age Needs." Taking a light-hearted sceptical look at mystical charlatanism... and then poking it with a stick.

Please note that the following martial arts sites do not necessarily share our views on qi / ch'i or qigong / ch'i kung.

Plum Publications
Our favourite site! Ted and Debbie sure know their stuff - stacks of articles and information for virtually every Chinese martial art there is. You can also buy literally tons of VCDs, DVDs, videos and books - we do!

Ted Mancuso Santa Cruz Academy of Martial Arts
Ted Mancuso's school website.
Ted Mancuso has spent over 35 years teaching martial arts. He teaches traditional Kung Fu in California, USA and has also produced a number of excellent instructional videos on Taiji, Bagua and Shaolin Kung Fu. He is a prolific writer on the subject of Chinese martial arts and has written for publications such as "Inside Kung Fu" and "T'ai Chi Magazine". He is also the author of "Kung Fu for Young People", illustrated by Frank Hill. Additionally, Ted is the publisher of Plum Publications who distribute our DVDs for us in the Americas.

Bob Orlando's Je du-too School of Martial Arts
We like what Bob says about virtually everything - he's a Silat and Kuntao practitioner. Bob has a very eloquent, intelligent and moral approach to fighting arts. He also states on every page of his site "Our Emphasis is on the Practical" which in itself makes him a friend of ours.
See also my review of Bob's DVD "The Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat".

Internal Damage - Advanced Tai Chi Chuan for Combat
A guy after our own heart - Glenn Hairston has produced a totally amazing martial Yang Style Taiji DVD here. We can't recommend his work strongly enough. Buy it and see. "Make it bang!!!"

Rob Poynton - Cutting Edge Systema and T'ai Chi
Rob produces some very good "no nonsense" martial DVDs with a nice touch of humour. It is definitely worth checking out his Systema (Russian Martial Art) stuff as well as his Tai Chi.

Mike Patterson Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute / Xingyi, Bagua, Taiji
Mike produces some truly excellent DVDs and his site has stacks of downloadable video clips so you can see what you're getting. This guy really knows how to use these arts for fighting. Incredibly good.

American Tao - Ken Gullette's Internal Arts Website
Ken is a rare teacher, being prepared as he is to make unpopular statements in preference to commercial ones. Very few martial arts instructors have the integrity to make such statements so plainly or openly. Although he does use traditional terms such as "dan tian", "energy", "chansijin" etc. he is keen to dispel any esoteric or mystical notions that might typically be associated with them, stating clearly that the arts he teaches are purely concerned with the development of physical (and overtly martial) skills.

James McNeil's Xingyi DVD set
Although our attitudes towards the issue of qi and things of that kind probably could not be further apart, I think James McNeil's Xingyi DVD set is exceptionally good. Here he shows forms and martial function with real precision, along with exercises to help you to develop a Xingyi body as well as Xingyi techniques. McNeil's movements are very high quality indeed and I think he shows that he knows how to use the art for combat with great skill and power and is able to convey this knowledge well. Many martial artists are fond of saying that you can't learn martial arts from books or videos, but I think you could get a very long way with this DVD set. Highly Recommended!

Pencak Silat Serak
A useful and very informative site focussing on the Silat of Stevan Plinck. Great stuff.

China from Inside
This is Jarek Szymanski's website. A great selection of articles and interviews with some really top-notch Chinese practitioners. The site also stocks some excellent, harder to obtain VCD & DVD sets.

Dong's International Tai Chi Quan Association
A good resource with some excellent video downloads.

The Taiji Life of Hong Junsheng
Here you can read about Hong's refreshingly practical and scientific approach to Taijiquan in an interview with his standard bearer, Chen Zhonghua. Food for the soul indeed!

Chen Zhonghua
Chen Zhonghua's own site.

CSI: Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly CSICOP)
For articles about qigong and pseudoscience in general. The Martial Training and Martial Tai Chi™ Associations are wholeheartedly opposed to the modern qigong craze, which falsely promises its practitioners miracle cures for serious diseases, enhanced virility, invulnerability and even immortality, enlightenment and other "superhuman" powers. It is time that everyone faced up to the truth that charlatanism and occultism are far from harmless. Confucius said "without honesty you can get nothing done."
Sample articles: Sima Nan: Fighting Qigong Pseudoscience in China.
The Roots of Qi.
Will the Real Qi Please stand Up?

Adam Hsu Kung Fu
What Adam Hsu doesn't know about Kung Fu probably isn't worth knowing. His book, "The Sword Polisher's Record", is my number one, all-time favourite martial arts book. Buy it and read it again and again. On this site you can read excerpts from the book plus other articles, as well as being able to purchase his excellent videos.

Traditional Wushu Association
Set up by Adam Hsu to promote authentic Chinese martial knowledge

Tim Cartmell / Shen Wu Martial Arts
Tim is a very experienced and successful martial artist and has written some excellent material. People would do well to read his comments on qi and so-called "internal styles" in the 2004 edition of the book "Nei Jia Quan" edited by Jess O'Brien. To be honest, the book goes significantly downhill after Tim's chapter.

Gerald A Sharp
Gerald Sharp is a knowledgable practitioner of Xingyi, Taiji and Bagua. Read articles, buy videos / DVDs and view his 'application of the month' .

Erle Montague's T'ai Chi World
A very generous site - Erle lets you download all of his out of print books for free. You can also buy his current resources (he's very prolific).

TGL Books / The Wushu Centre
Visit this site if only to see prominent experts posing for photos with a cuddly bunny!

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