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59 mins

Xingyiquan Forms & Applications Volume 1

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From the cover

Gongfu / Kung Fu students are sometimes told to "look beyond the obvious application." Unfortunately, if you are a beginning student with no martial background at all, you may not know what the "obvious applications" are. This was certainly true of me when I started out. This DVD aims to teach you how to fight, even if you have no previous martial knowledge. Another phrase sometimes used by Xingyi teachers is that "to know one application is to know ten." This DVD will show you lots of simple and very literal applications with variations and tactical considerations. I also show you how to maximize your striking power and how to practice safely with a partner. Basic training methods and important postural factors are also covered.

"...Joanna Zorya's demonstration of these significant Xing Yi actions exactly matches the essence of this style. She shows a movement. Then she shows its applications. Then, crucially she shows its application with the most important of the "IFs" added. What IF the punch is blocked? What IF the opponent changes angle? ...Joanna Zorya's explanations show these major concepts at the core of her demonstration: precise, correct and mutable."
- Shihfu Mancuso (Plum Publications)

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