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Sun style Baguazhang

Price: £30

Running time
Double DVD 84 mins approx.

Sun Style Baguazhang

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From the cover

...One thing that struck us is just how clear, concise, and modular the Sun Style is. We know it's not as flashy as most other Bagua styles, but that's why we love it. And if your emphasis is simply on learning to fight rather than on learning something that looks impressive, then I feel that there is probably enough here to last you a lifetime.


"A Martial Foundation for Baguazhang" shows circle walking, postures and stepping methods as well as palm striking and kicking techniques. It should give you a reasonable grasp of how and why the system works and enable you to "make your training your own." I've always felt that if you want to get good at something, you need to know why you're doing it. Running time: 46 mins


"Sun Style Baguazhang" shows the 10 Sun Style Palm Changes as described in Sun Lutang's book, plus plenty of combat applications. Running time: 38 mins

"These dvd's are a treasure! I can't say enough about them! You have hidden nothing, from the power moves to all the strikes and footwork...I am going to love Sun style-the way you teach!"
- Taijiquan Instructor Jason (Muwin) Whitney

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