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55 minutes

Taiji Concepts

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This DVD covers in depth many of the more theoretical aspects and principles of Taijiquan. It is aimed at Taiji students and enthusiasts of all levels and abilities.

From the back cover:

When you understand the martial purpose of a given movement, you can start to make empowered decisions about how to make adjustments to the qualities of that movement. Your decision will also affect the movement's direction and these factors will ultimately determine the finished shape.

"Has instructor Joanna Zorya broken the DaVinci code of Tai Chi? Possibly. She has created a very clear and well considered approach to the martial application of the art by isolating and combining just a few poignant and powerful ideas."
- Shihfu Mancuso (Plum Publications)

Whichever style of Taijiquan you practice, there are certain essential concepts and movement qualities that should be observed. On this DVD Joanna Zorya explains and explores the core principles of the art through a series of truly inspiring and insightful commentaries and demonstrations.

Contents include in-depth analysis of:

  • The Six Harmonies (three internal, three external), common to the arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang.
  • The Eight Methods and Five Steps or "thirteen strategies" of Taijiquan.
  • The "three essential qualities" of expansiveness, reeling silk rotation and undulation required to produce power.
  • Reeling Silk circles and spirals along with
    an explanation of flow and counter-flow rotation (shun & ni)
  • Yin - Yang theory and how it relates to combat.
  • Parallels between empty-hand and battlefield techniques. And much,
    much more.

"I received your "Concepts" dvd! Thank you so much! You've given me a treasure trove, and I can't thank you enough. Your dvds are spectacular - everything is clear and concise, your "script" (if you use one) is direct and to the point, and every word is relevant. You're a natural teacher, a good presenter, and a very good writer. ...I can't imagine how many books it would have taken me to gain the knowledge contained in your dvds. You cut through the "clouds of code" and explain things so eloquently."
- Peter

"Ms. Zorya once again brings her love of the arts to the fore with this visual essay on the essential features of Taijiquan as a martial art. Willing to go to just about any length to fix her point, she shows the martial reality of Taiji armed at times with shield and sword against spear and other times with convincing and logical analysis of the Taiji Classics ... Supplying point by point breakdowns on the Eight Essential Energies with applications she goes beyond the obvious by correlating every nuance to classic Taiji theory. Along with Julie Hinder - the recipient of this gentle mayhem - Joanna gives a wide series of examples validating the real fighting technique of Taiji with succinct and lucid explanations ... Ms. Zorya is a natural teacher: empassioned and clear who has something to say ... It falls in line with the creative and insightful approach we have come to expect from this corner."
- Shihfu Mancuso (Plum Publications)

"Thanks for the DVD - nice work! As clear an explanation of Taiji principles as I've ever seen! I liked the sword and shield stuff too - good fun and it makes sense. People used to fight with big pointy things, not fisticuffs. All very well presented and explained, should be compulsory for anyone starting up Taiji I think."
- Rob Poynton (Cutting Edge)

"I received the new dvd on Friday... it is quite simply invaluable... this is the kind of info I wish I had at the beginning of my training as it is so carefully explained. I feel that Joanna is making the taiji classics come to life from the dusty pages. There have been many times I have contemplated the message (sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly). There is no margin for error with this beautiful presentation! It is very, very rich."
- Jason Muwin Whitney, Taijiquan Instructor, Maine, USA

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